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3 Mistakes Students Make When Taking Online Classes

If you’re going to invest in online classes, you are setting yourself up for the best blend of convenience, scalability, and results. Online classes are great because everything is truly on your schedule, to a certain extent. There will still be deadlines, and you may still need to drive to the main campus in order …

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Ways to Study Effectively

There are a lot of times in life where you will need to buckle down, take out your textbooks and your notes, and study. Whether you are studying for a test, or an important exam, simply studying is not enough if you want to ensure a good grade. In order to study well, you need …

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Is the Idea of a Free Education Really As Radical As We Think

President Obama recently announced a “shocking” goal and desire to the American public: he wants to make community college free as long as students are willing to follow a few rules. The emphasis is on getting low income people into jobs that are sufficient enough to take care of their families. In the past, this …

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Earning Your Degree Through an Online School

Are you considering heading back to college? With the current state of the economy, there has never been a better time to head back to college and to find ways to further differentiate yourself from the competition. In addition, with the convenience of attending school online, you can earn your degree or certification from the …

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A More Effective Way to Use Holiday Breaks

Got plenty of free time on your hands before school comes back in session? Tired of just sitting around the house with nothing to do? There are a few things that you could be doing, even though you might not be thinking about them right now.

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Make Your Summer Break Productive

Already feeling guilty about stealing away to the beach for Spring Break? Don’t. It’s a very short holiday away from school, so you might as well spend it doing something that means something to you. There’s nothing in the world wrong with having a good time, especially when school is so stressful.

Bottom line: you …

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